Anything But a Wasted Life
Anything But a Wasted Life by Sita Kaylin
English | July 25th, 2018 | ISBN: 9353020190 | 332 Pages | EPUB | 1.14 MB

Working as a stripper is anything but easy. You're often treated like a living blow-up doll and a therapist simultaneously. It s a life that many judge easilyR30;until you know more. Sita Kaylin, a California-based veteran in the sex industry, has lived the pitfalls of being naked in front of strangers and the absurdities that arise when you fake intimacy for a living.
Aldo Leopold's Odyssey: Rediscovering the Author of A Sand County Almanac, 10th Anniversary Edition
Aldo Leopold's Odyssey: Rediscovering the Author of A Sand County Almanac, 10th Anniversary Edition by Julianne Lutz Warren
English | May 31st, 2016 | ISBN: 1610917537 | 528 Pages | EPUB | 29.92 MB

In 2006, Julianne Lutz Warren (née Newton) asked readers to rediscover one of history's most renowned conservationists. Aldo Leopold's Odyssey was hailed by The New York Times as a "biography of ideas," making "us feel the loss of what might have followed A Sand County Almanac by showing us in authoritative detail what led up to it."
Combinatorial Algebra: Syntax and Semantics
Combinatorial Algebra: Syntax and Semantics by Mark V. Sapir
English | EPUB | 2014 | 369 Pages | ISBN : 331908030X | 3.58 MB

Combinatorial Algebra: Syntax and Semantics provides comprehensive account of many areas of combinatorial algebra. It contains self-contained proofs of more than 20 fundamental results, both classical and modern. This includes Golod-Shafarevich and Olshanskii's solutions of Burnside problems, Shirshov's solution of Kurosh's problem for PI rings, Belov's solution of Specht's problem for varieties of rings, Grigorchuk's solution of Milnor's problem, Bass-Guivarc'h theorem about growth of nilpotent groups, Kleiman's solution of Hanna Neumann's problem for varieties of groups, Adian's solution of von Neumann-Day's problem, Trahtman's solution of the road coloring problem of Adler, Goodwyn and Weiss. The book emphasize several ``universal" tools, such as trees, subshifts, uniformly recurrent words, diagrams and automata.
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