PowerArchiver 2018 Toolbox 18.00.48 Multilingual

PowerArchiver 2018 Toolbox 18.00.48 Multilingual | Windows x64 | File Size: 60 MB

PowerArchiver 2018 is an award-winning archive utility for the Windows family. It provides support for most compressed and encoded files, as well as access to many powerful features and tools through an easy to use interface that seamlessly integrates with Windows Explorer. PowerArchiver 2018 enables you to create ISO images, either by ripping the CD/DVD/BD with Disc Grabber, or directly with files from your hard disk. With PowerArchivers Virtual Drive feature, you can also mount ISO images into Windows so they appear like a normal drive and you can browse inside. PowerArchiver 2018 offers hundreds of features, yet remains easy to use, small and fast. Novice users will find a familiar interface complete with tutorial and detailed help, while more experienced users can take advantage of full Explorer integration, multiple encryption methods and advanced compression algorithms.

Windows 10 Airlock Premium V2 (x64) (1803) Activated 2018

Windows 10 Airlock Premium V2 (x64) (1803) Activated 2018 | OS: x64 | File Size: 3.61 GB

General Info:
Original ISO: en_windows_10_business_editions_version_1803_updated_march_2018_x64_dvd_12063333
Build: RS4 17134.48 (1803)
Features Enabled: 3.5 Net Framework
Updated: May 2018
Activation: Permantly Activation Geniune License first log in..( if dont work go in oem folder and do it manually)
Convert Mode: Install.wim<Install.esd
Note: If you see the updates in windows update dont worrie updates already integrated...now if is really important show up to date..just cleanmgr and stop and start services windows update but i dont think is 100% will work till next updates.
Size: 3.61 GB (3,884,908,544 bytes)
CRC-32: 3359b520
MD4: fb9e534beecb28d2a5739209f18c48a5
SHA-1: a2e2f53edc71f92e1e906f223d87ee1cb230d9c2

The Journal

The Journal | File size: 20.5 MB

Whatever your journaling or writing needs, The Journal gives you unmatched convenience, flexibility, and security. The Journal is always available when you need it, and lets you make entries with text, images, and just about anything else. Plus, with The Journals password-protection and encryption you can rest assured that your secrets remain secret.

ReviverSoft Driver Reviver Multilingual

ReviverSoft Driver Reviver Multilingual | File size: 16.6 MB

Driver Reviver is an industry leading PC driver update utility that will help you update your computer drivers in a few easy clicks! Driver Reviver uses one of the largest and most comprehensive Driver Database available. It ensures that it will always find the most recent drivers for your PC and other hardware devices. This program will scan your PC to identify out of date and obsolete drivers. Driver Reviver can quickly and easily update the out-of-date drivers using original manufacturer drivers to restore optimum performance to your PC and its hardware. It will maximize the functionality and life of your PC and its devices. Driver Reviver is unbelievably easy and quick to use and includes safety features like automatic backups, restore wizard, exclusions, scheduler and more to keep your computer in good shape.

Marvelous Designer 7.5 Enterprise

Marvelous Designer 7.5 Enterprise| Windows x64 | Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 639.42 MB

Marvelous Designer allows you to create beautiful 3D virtual clothing with our cutting edge design software. Finally breathe life into your designs with tools that enhance quality while saving you time. From basic shirts to intricately pleated dresses and rugged uniforms, Marvelous Designer can virtually replicate fabric textures and physical properties to the last button, fold, and accessory.

Find-it 5.2.06

Find-it 5.2.06 | File size: 3.6 MB

FIND-IT, the ultimate file finding machine with preferrence for complex full text retrival ! Any search for files on your disc(s), no matter if by name, size, date or any other criteria, will be performed fast, comfortably and reliably.

DisplayFusion Pro 9.2 Multilingual

DisplayFusion Pro 9.2 Multilingual | File size: 39.8 MB

DisplayFusion will make your dual monitor (or triple monitor or more) experience smooth and painless. With DisplayFusion you can add a taskbar to every monitor that works and looks just like the Windows Taskbar. Or take advantage of advanced multi-monitor wallpaper support, Flickr Integration for image searching and fully customizable window management hotkeys. These are just a few of the many things that DisplayFusion can do.

Kitbash3D - UTOPIA
Kitbash3D - UTOPIA | 971 MB

Create neo-futuristic cities with wildly inventive structures liberated from architectural geometry inspired by Zaha Hadid and Frank Gehry. Use this kit’s distinctive multi-perspective sinuous forms and fragmented geometry to imagine advanced civilizations rich with gigantic stadiums and glorious museums or environmentally conscious societies harmoniously intertwined with nature by championing organic architecture.

Brian Tracy - Profit Growth Strategies
Brian Tracy - Profit Growth Strategies | 9.56 GB

"Any goal can be accomplished if you break it down into enough small steps."(Henry Ford)
The business plan is as essential to business success as a blueprint would be inthe construction of a building. Each of the lessons in this course on marketing,selling, cost analysis, pricing, break-even analysis and budgeting are ingredients that go into the final business plan.