Acronis 2k10 UltraPack 7.16

Acronis 2k10 UltraPack 7.16 | File Size: 689.24 Mb

Acronis 2k10 UltraPack boot disk, which is based on the boot loader BOOTMGR (Windows 8), Isolinux / Syslinux 4.06 and Grub4Dos 0.4.5c. The disc consists of a large number of products Acronis, Paragon, etc., to download vozmozhnostyu c CD, USB Flash Drive, USB-HDD and conventional HDD. The main purpose preparing to install the OS HDD, creation / deployment system images, restore / copy data. This CD is a collection of DOS and Linux-based versions of the product assemblyMultiboot 2k10", adapted to the size of CD-ROM.

VMProtect Ultimate 3.0.9 Build 695 Multilingual

VMProtect Ultimate 3.0.9 Build 695 Multilingual | Languages: Multilingual | File Size: 60.66 MB

VMProtect protects code by executing it on a virtual machine with non-standard architecture that makes it extremely difficult to analyze and crack the software. Besides that, VMProtect generates and verifies serial numbers, limits free upgrades and much more. Serial Numbers

Raxco PerfectDisk Professional Business / Server 14.0 Build 892

Raxco PerfectDisk Professional Business / Server 14.0 Build 892 | Windows x86/x64 | English | File Size: 39.61 MB

PerfectDisk offers fast optimization for HDDs and SSDs, with new Windows 10 compatibility and enhanced S.M.A.R.T. monitoring of physical drives. PerfectDisk 14 provides new compatibility up to Windows 10 and enhanced S.M.A.R.T. monitoring of physical drives.

RPG Maker MV 1.52

RPG Maker MV 1.52 | File size: 625 MB

RPG Maker MV improves every aspect of RPG creation, making it not only the latest, but also the greatest engine in the RPG Maker series to date. This version includes Multi-Platform distribution, High Definition Graphics and Resolution, MacOSX support and more! MV gives you the most power and control than any of the previous iteration! Ever dream of making your own video games?

IsItUp Network Monitor 8.65

IsItUp Network Monitor 8.65 | File size: 18.1 MB

IsItUp Network Monitor is a feature-packed software application that allows you to keep track of multiple IP devices, websites and servers. It is also capable of sending notifications via email or pager. The app is primarily addressed to experienced users. The interface of the program is professional-looking and somewhat intuitive. Simple-to-follow wizards aid you in creating a wide range of monitors, such as IP, HTTP, TCP/IP, Windows Service, POP 3, DNS and Windows Event Log.
Dozens of customization features are available for all wizard types, giving you full control of the monitoring procedures. For example, you can write the FDGN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) instead of the IP address, set up frequency and dependency parameters along with a maintenance schedule (a time interval when devices are not being monitored and notifications are not sent), as well as configure email and page alert settings.

Permanent 2017 BDRip x264-LPD
Release Name:Permanent.2017.BDRip.x264-LPD
Size: 673 MB

Description:It's 1982, and the Dicksons (Jim, Jeanne, and Aurelie) move (are the new-comers) to a southern town where all the girls long for Farrah Fawcett-type curls (to match their back-woods accents/ and love to talk hair./ and obsess over their hair.) Pre-teen AURELIE begs her parents for a permanent, (known outside the south as a perm) hoping for life-changing curly waves but when they take her to a Beauty School instead of a salon to save money, disaster ensues. A bored Student-Beautician accidentally sets the timer for too long, and the perm ends up destroying Aurelie's already low-grade social life as well as her hair follicles. Aurelie is left as a gawky yet endearing young teenager trying to navigate junior high with what some kids call an afro, then throw things at her, from epithets to dodgeballs.
May God Save Us 2016 720p BluRay x264-HDChina
Release Name: Que.Dios.Nos.Perdone.2016.BluRay.720p.x264.DD.5.1-HDChina
Size: 5.23 GiB

Description: During the scorching summer of 2011 in bustling central Madrid and in the background of the imminent Papal visit, the metropolis pulsates with anticipation while thousands of pilgrims flock to the capital. However, in the bowels of the city, there is something sinister going on, as it seems that a string of sex-related homicides have been taking place under the nose of the police, nurturing a scandal that no one wants to break out. Under those circumstances, two investigators, the brilliant, yet eccentric Luis Velarde and the hot-headed loose cannon Javier Alfaro must track down the sadistic and methodical serial killer in total secrecy. But to catch a killer, one must first keep his own demons at bay.
Iperius Backup Full 5.5.2 Multilingual

Iperius Backup Full 5.5.2 Multilingual | File size: 45.5 MB

Iperius Backup is the perfect software to get the advantages of the many cloud storage services offered by well-known providers like Google or Microsoft. With a single application you will be able to easily save your files offsite to Google Drive, Dropbox or Microsoft SkyDrive. This backup task can be configured with a few clicks, and the result of this is the full security of automatic online backups, compressed and protected by an AES 256-bit encryption.