Reallusion FaceFilter Pro 3.05 Mac OS X
Reallusion FaceFilter Pro 3.05 MacOSX | 953 MB

FaceFilter 3 is a versatile photo retouching and beautifying toolkit that allows you to reveal the true beauty of your photos. Utilize natural skin smoothing and blemish removal tools along with a comprehensive multi-layer makeup system complete with hundreds of templates for one-click application, not to mention morphing tools and DSLR post-effects.
Fox Samples Must Have Audio Mainstage Moombahton (WAV)

Fox Samples Must Have Audio Mainstage Moombahton WAV | 647 Mb

'Mainstage Moombahton' from the Must Have Audio brand features five full length Kits (intro, verse, bridge, build, and drop) styled after the ever popular Moombahton grooves that have been hitting the top charts recently. This pack is inspired by Justin Bieber and Skrillex's newest hit 'Sorry', R City's signature Caribbean sound in 'Locked Away and Again', and Major Lazer's multi-platinum hit 'Lean On' and other album signature track 'Light It Up'.

Gamer (2009) 3D H-SBS 1080p

ORIGINAL TITLE: Gamer (Citizen Game)
YEAR 2009
DURATION: 95 min.
DIRECTOR: Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor
SCREENWRITER: Mark Neveldine, Brian Taylor
CAST: Gerard Butler, Michael C. Hall, Alison Lohman, John Leguizamo, Amber Valletta, Aaron Yo, Logan Lerman, Keith David, Ludacris, Michael Weston, Kyra Sedgwick, Noel Gugliemi, Terry Crews, Johnny Whitworth, Zoe Bell, Milo Ventimiglia , Dylan Kenin, Efren Ramirez, Stephanie Mace, Sam Witwer
PRODUCER: Lions Gate Films / Lakeshore Entertainment / Albuquerque Studios
GENERO: Science fiction. Thriller. Action | Videogame
Synopsis: In the future, in a game called Slayers, one of the participants can control millions of humans through the multiplayer system. In the "Slayer" game and show are wrapped in a terrifying hybrid. Human-controlled humans on a large scale, network games where people represent people forever. The technology of mind control has spread, and the heart of that controversial and hyper-violent game is its creator, billionaire Ken Castle (Michael C. Hall). His latest creation is a first-person shooter, which allows you to project the wildest fantasies of each to a global audience, using real prisoners as avatars who fight against death. But Kable (Gerard Butler), a powerful warrior controlled by the young Simon, tried to free himself and the rest of the players of the world ...

Fox Samples & Must Have Audio - Moombahton Summer (WAV MiDi)

Fox Samples & Must Have Audio - Moombahton Summer WAV MiDi | 425 Mb

'Moombahton Summer' features five top of the line Moombahton Construction Kits styled after some of the biggest tracks. Loaded with groovy Latin drums, syncopated leads, and catchy chopped vocals this pack is sure to take you and your sound library to a whole new level of creativity. Artists that inspired this pack include Jack U, Rock City, Rihanna, and Major Lazer. This is definitely a hot party starter so get your hands on this collection and start crafting your next hit Moombahton anthems today.
TinkerTool System 5.62 Multilingual Mac OS X
TinkerTool System 5.62 Multilingual MacOSX | 29 MB

TinkerTool System 5 is a collection of system utility features helping you in performing advanced administration tasks on Apple Macintosh computers. The application makes use of a self-adapting user interface which automatically adjusts to the computer model and to the version of OS X you are running.
Fox Samples & Must Have Audio - Melodic Moombahton.2 WAV

Fox Samples & Must Have Audio - Melodic Moombahton 2 WAV | 601 Mb

'Must Have Audio: Melodic Moombahton 2' from Fox Samples comes back with an even bigger sound and more groovy drums. Influenced by the biggest Latin styled Pop songs of the year. This is definitely a hot party starter so get your hands on this collection and start crafting your next hit Moombahton anthems today.
ForestPack Pro 5.4 for 3ds Max.2010-2018

ForestPack Pro 5.4 for 3ds Max 2010-2018 | 563.2 mb

iToo Software has released 5.4 version of ForestPack Professional, this version has advanced features for surfaces, tree placement and importing/exporting tools. Also includes a full library of billboard trees and shrubs, 3d Trees and Shrubs, ground cover presets and the the ability to edit libraries and add your own objects and textures.

Ouija Origin of Evil 2016 720p BluRay SHERIF
Ouija Origin of Evil 2016 720p BluRay SHERIF

IMDB info
721 MiB | 1h 38mn | 1 019 Kbps | Matroska | 1280x682 | AAC, 48.0 KHz, 2 channels
Genre: Horror | Thriller

In 1965 Los Angeles, a widowed mother and her two daughters add a new stunt to bolster their seance scam business and unwittingly invite authentic evil into their home. When the youngest daughter is overtaken by a merciless spirit, the family confronts unthinkable fears to save her and send her possessor back to the other side.

DigiDNA iMazing 2.3.3 (7847) Multilingual Mac OS X
DigiDNA iMazing 2.3.3 (7847) Multilingual MacOSX | 74 MB

iMazing is a comprehensive OS X software solution that provides a clean and organized interface for browsing the contents of any device running iOS. Moreover, the iMazing app is able to detect any iOS device as soon you connect it to your Mac and will automatically load its contents for easy and simple browsing.

King Arthur Legend of the Sword 2017 720p BluRay DD5.1 x264-BMDru
King Arthur Legend of the Sword 2017 720p BluRay DD5.1 x264-BMDru

IMDB info
3.52 GiB | 2h 6mn | 3 992 Kbps | Matroska | 1280x534 | AC-3, 48.0 KHz, 6 channels, 640 Kbps
Genre: Action | Adventure | Drama | Fantasy

Robbed of his birthright, Arthur comes up the hard way in the back alleys of the city. But once he pulls the sword from the stone, he is forced to acknowledge his true legacy - whether he likes it or not.