Sound Dust Modular Chaos Engine 4 KONTAKT
File size: 235.61 MB

A kit of lovely, dusty, binaurally recorded acoustic drum samples and slightly prepared steel drums....a kind of Tom Waits percussion machine featuring drums in all shapes and sizes.
There are huge flappy marching band bass drums, ripped and rattly snares and kicks, frame drums, congas, bongos, toms, hi-hats, cymbals, boxes, broken metal shelving...
Sound Dust OddHop Modular Chaos Engine #3 KONTAKT
File size: 652 MB

OddHop is packed to the gills with 100's of original acoustic and electronic sounds arranged into 5 octaves of oneshot kits with plenty of control for an infinity of sound design and beat making possibilities. But things get really exciting when you use the new drum and bass sequencing engines, each with twelve tracks of draw-able per note control over nine parameters.
Production Voices Production Grand LE V.1.1.16 KONTAKT
File size: 24.11 GB

Production Grand LE is a high-quality piano sample library for NI Kontakt 4.2 and above, consisting of eight microphone perspectives and over 42,800 samples of a Yamaha C7 grand piano recorded in a world-class recording studio. Production Grand LE is the downloadable "Light Edition" of the larger Production Grand. Production Grand LE contains both the Modern and Vintage Silver 16 bit 44.1 kHz editions of Production Grand. It is complete with eight microphone perspectives. Production Grand LE requires a full version of Kontakt 4.2 or Kontakt 5 and greater (not provided).
Nootka 1.4.3 Multilingual + Portable

Nootka 1.4.3 Multilingual + Portable | 59.44 MB

Nootka is a software application that was developed specifically to aid people in learning classical score notations and practice your classical, electric or bass guitar skills. Music is not simply a form of entertainment, having a strong impact on feelings and moods, as well as being a form of art. Behind tunes that give you the chills are countless hours of practicing and heavy knowledge. If you didn't pay much attention in school or are looking for an easy and fun way to master your guitar, Nootka promises to help you out.