Total Uninstall Professional (x86/x64) Multilingual + Portable

Total Uninstall Professional (x86/x64) Multilingual + Portable | 42.3/15.8 MB

Total Uninstall - powerful installation monitor and advanced uninstaller. Total Uninstall creates a snapshot of your system prior to installing a new program. It then takes an additional snapshot after the installation has completed. It then compares the two snapshots and displays all changes in a graphical tree view, marking all registry values and/or files that have been added, changed or deleted. Total Uninstall saves these changes and, if you decide to uninstall the program, it will reverse the changes to the previous state.
FGS Cashbook 6.5.3 Multilingual

FGS Cashbook 6.5.3 Multilingual | 66.1 MB

Do you ask yourselves also every month where your crossly earned money remains? Rent, electricity, petrol, food, clothes and sometimes a visit to the cinema - there it is not so easy at all to keep the overview above the current expenses. The program FGS-Cashbook helps you thereby. Keep track of your expenses and control over your budget more effectively!
Driver Whiz Portable

Driver Whiz Portable | 10.5 MB

Driver Whiz is a unique windows driver updater tool used to scan and update the outdated or missing drivers. The software program can quickly locate the most current Windows drivers for your system through a user friendly interface of over ten million drivers. The users can enjoy unlimited scan but updating drivers will be provided at charge. Driver Whiz acts as a driver scanner tool that can save your time and efforts in getting the drivers up to date.
Homedale 1.68 Multilingual Portable

Homedale 1.68 Multilingual Portable | 1.0 MB

Homedale is a simple wireless network monitor that allows you to view the status and signal strength of nearby access points. In addition to displaying technical information like infrastructure mode, channel and supported bitrates, the program also includes a signal graph that allows you to monitor the signal strength of multiple access points in real-time.
Earth Alerts 2017.1.26

Earth Alerts 2017.1.26 | 5.9 MB

Earth Alerts is a Windows-based application that allows you to monitor in near real-time a variety of natural hazard events that are occurring anywhere around the world. Alert notifications, reports, and imagery provide the user with a convenient way to view natural phenomenon as they occur, whether close to home or some far-flung corner of the globe! Earth Alerts uses a variety of online resources provided by organizations such as the National Weather Service, U.S. Geological Survey and Smithsonian Institution (just to name a few), to identify what sort of activities "Mother Earth" is currently dishing out on the planet.

Edge of Tomorrow (2014)(3D H-SBS 1080p)

Original title: Edge of Tomorrow
Year 2014
Duration: 113 min.
Country: United States
Director: Doug Liman
Screenplay: Jez Butterworth, John-Henry Butterworth, Christopher McQuarrie (Novel: Hiroshi Sakurazaka)
Music: Christophe Beck
Photography: Dion Beebe
Cast: Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, Bill Paxton, Jonas Armstrong, Brendan Gleeson, Kick Gurry, Tony Way, Noah Taylor, Charlotte Riley, Franz Drameh, Dragomir Mrsic
Studio: Warner Bros. / Village Roadshow Pictures / 3 Arts Entertainment / Viz Media
Genre: Science fiction. Action | Extraterrestrials. Travels in the time. 3-D
Synopsis: In the not too distant future, a race of invincible aliens invades Earth. Commander William Cage (Tom Cruise), an officer who has never entered combat, is commissioned an almost suicidal mission and is killed. He then enters a temporary loop, in which he is forced to fight and die again and again. But the multiple battles he makes make him increasingly skillful and effective in his fight against the aliens. His combat companion is Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt), a warrior of the Special Forces. Adaptation of the sleeve of Hiroshi Sakurazaka.

Registry Healer 5.5.0 Build 574 Multilingual Portable

Registry Healer 5.5.0 Build 574 Multilingual Portable | 4.12 MB

Everybody knows that as you install and uninstall programs changes are made to your registry. Also, after uninstalling a program, sometimes entries are left behind. As time wears on, you end up with lots of entries that are pointing to the wrong location or to items that no longer exist. This can seriously hamper the performance of your computer if left unchecked. If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can go through the registry, item by item, and make corrections yourself.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (2013)(3D H-SBS 1080p)

ORIGINAL TITLE: Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2
YEAR 2013
DURATION: 95 min.
DIRECTOR: Cody Cameron, Kris Pearn
Script: John Francis Daley, Jonathan M. Goldstein (Characters: Judi Barrett, Ron Barrett)
CAST: Animation
STUDIO: Sony Pictures Animation / Sony Pictures Imageworks (SPI) / Columbia Pictures
GENDER: Animation. Comedy. Fantastic. Adventure | Animals. Sequel. 3-D
Awards: 2013: Satellite Awards: Nominated for Best Animated Feature
2013: Annie Awards: 3 nominations
Synopsis: "Hamburger Rain 2" starts exactly where the first part ends. The genius of inventor Flint Lockwoods ends up being recognized by his idol Chester V, who invites him to join The Live Corp Company, where the world's brightest inventors create new technologies for the well-being of mankind. Chester's right hand is Barb: an orangutan endowed with a highly evolved human brain that allows it to be very twisted and manipulative. Flint's dream changes when he discovers that the machine of his invention, designed to turn water into food, has gone on to create animal-food hybrids. To save mankind, Chester sends Flint and his colleagues to a dangerous mission, which will lead them to tackle tacocodrilos, gambances, quesoaranas with double bacon, and other equally extravagant creatures.

myFFmpeg 3.0.2 + Portable

myFFmpeg 3.0.2 + Portable | 70.0 Mb

The Ultimate FFmpeg GUI for Windows. myFFmpeg is a graphical front-end for FFmpeg, a command-line tool used to convert multimedia files between formats. The command line instructions can be very hard to master/understand, so iFFmpeg does all the hard work for you. This allows you to use FFmpeg without detailed command-line knowledge.