Hex Editor Neo Ultimate Edition

Hex Editor Neo Ultimate Edition | 17.5 MB

Hex Editor allows you to set colors of almost every editor windows element. Select an element in a list and then select a color using color picker control. You can also set the color to automatic. The sample window layout below immediately reflects changes you make. Pressing Apply button also immediately applies your current coloring scheme to all opened editor windows.
Nsasoft Hardware Software Inventory + Portable

Nsasoft Hardware Software Inventory + Portable | 6.05 MB

Nsasoft Hardware Software Inventory is a powerful network inventory software for home, office and enterprise networks. The software scans all computers on a network and generates complete reports about computers hardware and software. This information is added to the centralized database and then users can generate reports about each or all of the PCs on a network.
QuickHash 2.8.0 Portable

QuickHash 2.8.0 Portable | 7.0 MB

QuickHash is an open-source Linux, Windows, and Apple Mac GUI that enables rapid selection & hashing of data such as files (individually or recursively), text, entire folder trees of files, and physical disks. The user can also compare various files either as a pair or entire folders. It was designed for Linux, but it is also available for Windows and Apple Mac. MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512 and xxHash hash algorithms are available.
SIGERSHADERS Corona Material Presets Pro v2.0.2 for 3ds Max 2013 - 2017
File size: 10.3 GB
The Siger Studio's SIGERSHADERS Corona Material Presets Pro is a Plugin - powerful material collection for Autodesk® 3ds Max® and Corona Renderer® engine + User Library material lab/manager. The collection consists different categories of materials: Metal, Ceramic, Leather, Stone, Concrete, Glass, etc... The list of materials permanently grows.