Robi Botos - Old Soul (2018)

Robi Botos - Old Soul (2018)

Robi Botos - Old Soul (2018)
Jazz, Rock | 01:05:07 | WEB FLAC (tracks) | 381 MB
Label: Ropeadope

There is but one human race, and yet from the one comes immediate division as we place definitions on one another. Growing up in Budapest, this division was always clear for Robi Botos as he reflected on his Romani heritage and the suffering that the Roma have endured. Often emigration can be a desire for separation, but it seems that more often it is born of a desire for inclusion. This is true in Robi's case as he moved his family to Canada at 20 to continue his life in music. Fully immersed in the Jazz scene, Botos placed first in the Montreux Jazz Festival's solo piano competition, where the great Oscar Peterson took note. Soon the two formed a friendship that endured, as Peterson taught Robi to find his own voice.

Today Robi Botos is on call as a top pianist worldwide; his last album earned the Juno Award for Best Jazz Album, and he is persistently immersed in a community of inclusion rather than separation. Such is the power of music, and such is the power of a gentle, old soul, seeking connection.

We are proud to present the new album - Old Soul - from Robi Botos, a work that tells of the artist's path and diverse stylistic interest. The core band is Larnell Lewis, Mike Downes, and Seamus Blake - and if that is somehow not enough, special guests Cory Henry, Ingrid Jensen, and Lionel Loueke round out the mix. Old Soul is set for worldwide release on November 9, 2018.

01. Robi Botos - Diamond (feat. Seamus Blake, Larnell Lewis & Mike Downes)
02. Robi Botos - Budapest (feat. Seamus Blake, Larnell Lewis & Mike Downes)
03. Robi Botos - Old Soul (feat. Seamus Blake, Larnell Lewis & Mike Downes)
04. Robi Botos - Praise (feat. Seamus Blake, Larnell Lewis & Mike Downes)
05. Robi Botos - Hope (feat. Seamus Blake, Larnell Lewis & Mike Downes)
06. Robi Botos - Days of Wine and Roses (feat. Seamus Blake, Larnell Lewis & Mike Downes)
07. Robi Botos - Calhoun Square (feat. Lionel Loueke, Cory Henry, Ingrid Jensen, Seamus Blake, Larnell Lewis & Mike Downes)
08. Robi Botos - A Time to Love (Digital Bonus Track)
09. Robi Botos - End of an Era (Digital Bonus Track)

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