Visual Studio Essential Training 09 Unit Tests

Visual Studio Essential Training 09 Unit Tests

Visual Studio Essential Training: 09 Unit Tests
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Ensure your code is up-to-par by performing a unit test, verifying your code works as expected. You can perform unit testing using Visual Studio 2015. Selecting a framework and creating a small piece of code, to exercise a specific area of functionality, is all you need to get started. In this course, learn about the types of frameworks, naming conventions, integrations, and options available to you and how to implement them into your testing workflow. Join Walt Ritscher as he explains the process and step-by-step instructions. Along the way, he provides guidance on how to test with multiple parameters, customize your test runs, discover untested code, and even debug the actual unit tests.

Topics include:
Examining types of frameworks
Choosing a naming convention
Creating unit tests
Running unit tests with Visual Studio
Modifying and correcting code
Handling exceptions
Installing and using nUnit
Viewing test results with CodeLens
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