The Artificial Intelligence Conference - Beijing 2018

The Artificial Intelligence Conference - Beijing 2018
The Artificial Intelligence Conference - Beijing 2018
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AI Beijing 2018 brought together a rare gathering of artificial intelligence experts from China, Silicon Valley, and around the globe. AI experts from organizations such as Baidu, Google, eBay, Bonsai, Uber, Microsoft, Alibaba, Amazon, SAS, Unity, SalesForce, IBM, Berkeley, Stanford, and Oxford University spoke on a range of AI topics and technologies (e.g., AI's impact on business and society, TensorFlow, Deep Learning, GAN, Natural Language Processing and Understanding, Speech Recognition, Computer Vision, and more), giving attendees an up to the minute overview of today's AI research and AI applications.
This video compilation gives you a taste of this dynamic event by providing a complete recording of seventeen of the best keynote speeches delivered at the conference. You'll learn from luminaries such as Hui Xionghief (Chief Scientist, Baidu); Dr. Bowen Zhou (VP, AI Research,; Roger Chen (CEO, Computable Labs); Hassan Sawaf (Director, AI, Amazon Web Services); and Yinyin Liu (Head of Data Science, AIPG, Intel). Highlights include:

Hsiao-Wuen Hon (Microsoft) on how AI and human intelligence will evolve together
Mark Hammond (Bonsai) on the use of deep reinforcement learning in robotics and supply chain
Danny Lange (Unity Technologies) on how AI agents make systems smarter and reduce human bias
Reza Bosagh Zadeh (Matroid) on the challenges of turning machine learning research into products
Arjun Bansal (Intel) on the profound role AI will play in healthcare diagnostics and drug development
Sherry Moore (Google Brain) on Google's proposed uses of TensorFlow in China
Erran Li (Uber Advanced Technologies Group) on the use of AI in self-driving vehicles
This compilation covers 15+ presentations; 10-20 minutes each; 12 in Mandarin, 5 in English


The Artificial Intelligence Conference - Beijing 2018

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