That Sound - Organic (WAV, REX, TRIGGER)
That Sound - Organic (WAV, REX, TRIGGER) | 1.54 GB

Organic is the flagship library of That Sound. This huge collection of more than 800 unique natural samples varies from clapping, stamping, banging, clicking, clicking, bass, snails, volumes, slaps, build-ups, etc. Organic was created to fill the gap. Neither before the release nor after its release was there a library with so many useful, natural, human sounds.
Steve Lawrence Help Wanted WAV
File size: 84 MB

HELP WANTED' is a 19 sample loop album packed with original samples for you to chop and flip to create your next hit record. The sample loops included we're created by best-selling Music Producer Stve Lawrence. All 19 sample loops we're the start of a production that was never finished, So he is giving you full control to create something new.