DaVinci Resolve Studio 15.0b4
DaVinci Resolve Studio 15.0b4 | 828.5 mb

Blackmagic Design is pleased to announce the immediate availability of Davinci Resolve Studio 15.0b4. Fully built in Fusion visual effects and motion graphics, incredible new Fairlight audio tools and nearly a hundred enhancements focussed on speed and quality.
Developing a Virtue-Imbued Casuistry for Business Ethics
Developing a Virtue-Imbued Casuistry for Business Ethics By Martin Calkins
English | EPUB | 2014 | 277 Pages | ISBN : 9401787239 | 0.7MB

Casuistry, Virtue and Business Ethics brings together three important processes for business ethics: casuistry, virtue ethics and the business case method. In doing so, it considers the overlap and synergy of casuistry and virtue ethics, the similarities and differences of casuistry and the business case method and the relationships between emerging and well-established cases. The goal of the book is twofold: to provide a distinctly practical method for moral decision-making within the context of business and to illustrate how contemporary vexing issues are similar to those of the past and how they might be resolved satisfactorily.
Wavelet Applications in Economics and Finance
Wavelet Applications in Economics and Finance By Marco Gallegati
English | EPUB | 2014 | 271 Pages | ISBN : 3319070606 | 3.3 MB

This book deals with the application of wavelet and spectral methods for the analysis of nonlinear and dynamic processes in economics and finance. It reflects some of the latest developments in the area of wavelet methods applied to economics and finance. The topics include business cycle analysis, asset prices, financial econometrics, and forecasting. An introductory paper by James Ramsey, providing a personal retrospective of a decade's research on wavelet analysis, offers an excellent overview over the field.