Corel PaintShop Pro / Ultimate 2018 Multilingual
Windows x86/x64 | Multilingual | File Size: 875.28 MB | 1.27 GB | 208.56 MB

The ultimate in photo editing and graphic design. Get Photoshop-like results for less with PaintShop® Pro 2018 Ultimate-including a faster, easier PaintShop Pro and an exclusive bonus collection of premium software you won't find in Photoshop. Turn photos into works of art with Painter® Essentials™ 5, automatically correct images with Perfectly Clear 3 SE, and edit RAW photos quickly with Corel® AfterShot™ 3.

Gene Runner 6.5.33 (x86/x64)

Gene Runner 6.5.33 (x86/x64) | 39.25 MB

Gene Runner is a professional application aimed at providing geneticists and biologists with a reliable tool that can help them conduct gene analysis with ease. The application requires SEQ format files that contain genetic information, which can then be analyzed using the ORF (Open Reading Frame) button, that enables users to set the preferred Nucleotides or Amino Acids size, as well as select the Translation Table to work with. After opening the ORF item, users can make various annotations for each entry.
EarthTime 5.7.6

EarthTime 5.7.6 | 4.2 MB

EarthTime displays the local time and date of any place in the world. It has a built-in database of thousands of cities worldwide but users can add any number of custom locations. EarthTime shows a map of the earth with daylight and night shadows and optionally a cloud layer with current satellite cloud data. Alarms can be set on the local time of any city in the world. Many options allow flexible customization.
EarthView 5.7.7 + Maps

EarthView 5.7.7 + Maps | 72 MB

EarthView is a dynamic desktop wallpaper and screen saver, which displays beautiful views of the earth with daylight and night shadows. It produces colorful, high quality, high resolution images for every screen resolution - even beyond 2560x1600! The program supports map and globe views, urban areas, city lights, atmospheric effects, clouds, weather information, local time display and much more. EarthView supports different maps that show our planet earth in different ways, including seasonal changes of vegetation, snow cover and ocean ice. Many options allow total customization of all view parameters. EarthView has won countless awards for its absolutely breathtaking images.

RanSim | 10.3 Mb

Ransomware Simulator RanSim is a vulnerability testing tool that will simulate the behavior of multiple types of ransomware to safety check your machine for weaknesses.The goal of KnowBe4sRansomware Simulator RanSim is to evaluate if your machine is well-protected with endpoint security software which should be able to detect and then prevent an attack of a real strain of ransomware thus providing a safe way to test against ransomware attacks without jeopardizing any real data. It doesn't alter any of you files but will enumerate all the files on local disks. As part of the test, files that would characteristically be encrypted are simulated files that are downloaded from the internet.

Video2Webcam | 2.7 MB

Video2webcam enables you to show video clips as virtual webcam during video chat whether you own a real webcam or not. You could either share your home-made video clips easily with your friends while chatting on line or make fun of them by pretending to be somebody else. With it, you can play a variety of videos on messengers and switch between real & virtual webcams easily & quickly.It supports all kinds of media file formats including video formats (avi, asf, flv, mp4,mpeg, mpg, ram, rm, rmvb, wmv and etc.) and picture formats (jpg, gif, bmp, png and etc.). Besides, it works on all webcam programs such as MSN, Camfrog, Skype, ICQ, AIM, Paltalk, Yahoo Messenger, ANYwebcam, Stickam, ICUII,, iSpQ, etc.
PGWare SuperRam

PGWare SuperRam | 8.3 MB

SuperRam makes your computer run faster by taking control and managing the memory on your computer efficiently. If you notice your computer is running slow, this typically is due to the memory (RAM) running out of usable space. When memory space gets lower, Windows then starts opening programs into the Windows page file; this page file is the computer hard drive which is much slower than RAM. SuperRam switches this behavior and puts old programs into the Windows page file and any newly opened programs are put into actual RAM. This change in how Windows operates allows programs and games to run faster.